A Critical Win for Affordable and Supportive Housing

One of Consensus’ most important projects, Enlightenment Plaza, was featured in the LA Biz Journal this week! Consensus hosted a virtual meeting and mobilized an overwhelming number of supportive stakeholders to make their voices heard during the Los Angeles City Planning Commission hearing held online last week. The Commission unanimously approved the entitlements package putting 454 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing on track to be built. With LA facing a historic homelessness crisis right now, supportive housing projects such as Enlightenment Plaza have been shown to be one of the best ways to help vulnerable populations, with over 90% of supportive housing residents staying housed and showing improvement on a variety of quality-of-life indicators. Through projects like Enlightenment Plaza, we can help solve LA’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis once and for all!

Check out our op-ed in the LA Times' Daily Pilot on sweeping new ‘granny flat’ laws

One of the most passionate housing advocates here on our team at Consensus, Cash Rutherford provides his insight in the op-ed “ADUs for Christmas: Sweeping new laws will provide the gift of ‘granny flats” published on January 3, 2020 in the L.A. Times’ Daily Pilot.

We Came to a Consensus, We’re Going to Chipotle

When I was six years old I would broadcast to everyone that I, without a doubt, would become an artist when I grew up. Here I am, “grown-up,” sitting at a desk at the office of a well-respected Los Angeles public relations firm with zero artistic ability.