Jayson Kellogg

Account Manager

Jayson supports Consensus with the execution of public outreach and public relations campaigns for a diverse range of clients, private and public sector. He serves in a multi-faceted capacity — ideation, producing multimedia, organizing logistics, conducting research, writing reports and acting as a community liaison.

Before joining Consensus, Jayson held positions at agencies in the Bay Area, D.C. and Los Angeles, working at the intersection of content creation and advocacy communications. He has written video scripts for Fortune 500 clients, produced videos for issue advocacy groups and recently led influencer activations for national consumer brands, which received close to a million impressions.

Jayson holds a BA and MA from the University of Southern California, and an MFA from the University of Chicago. From 2006-08 he volunteered as a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marine Corps in Iraq. When Jayson isn’t reading or refining his cooking skills, he loves attending concerts by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.